Dear Brewers: Thank you for participating in BREATHING : CONVERSATIONS. We appreciate your involvement and we know you will be able to engage your team, your customers and your community to raise your voices for racial equality. Please use the links below to download resources for the project including label art file and guidelines.

Please complete the BREWERS REGISTRATION form.

BLUE LABEL DIGITAL has generously agreed to partner with us and offer labels at cost for this project. Please reach out to Tessa Turner -



We are brewing a double IPA. However, we invite you to make modifications as you see fit, to brew it as is or to transform the beer to best express your brewery. Our goal is to make a delicious beer, but the priority is making a base for conversation.


This recipe is a NE DIPA.  You know your systems better than anyone else, please adjust accordingly.  We are fans of simplicity - open to creative interpretation.


Yeast: London Ale


OG 18.7, 1.077

FG 4.1. 1.016


Mash Temp: 149º F


Water Profile: You know your water best, please use what ratios of chloride and sulfate work best for a softer profile. 


Grain Bill:

Pilsner Malt - 84%

Flaked Oat - 16%


Hop Schedule:

Mosaic at 10min for 50 ibu

Citra at Whirlpool


Dry hopping rate: 4.5#/bbl

Mosaic Dry Hop at 40%

Citra Dry Hop at 60%