The killing of George Floyd is a pivotal moment in our shared history, that we now have an opportunity to determine a better future outcome. That day, the world changed in an instant and our hearts were shocked out of complacency. This terrible tragedy, the latest in a long string of tragedies and injustices, motivated us to raise our voice in the hopes of bringing about real and meaningful social change everywhere.


This project is to create a platform for sustained dialogue in the hopes of inspiring positive action. Through conversation, we can share ideas, perspectives, educate and find common ground. It is through dialogue and hearing each other that we can build real strength, overcome divisiveness, effect change and triumph over racial and social injustices. Our starting point is simple, to have a conversation about race and record the sentiments on a beer label. We hope it will spread ideas and encourage further dialogue to raise awareness, engagement and action.


We invite all breweries to participate in this conversation and we invite all people to join the dialogue by speaking to each other, telling us your stories and linking all our voices in a collective conversation by using the hashtag #BreathingConversations. The topic of race is a challenging one, potentially uncomfortable, awkward and vulnerable, but it is a conversation we must have. We must hear each other and listen to the voices of the oppressed, of people of color and create a more equitable future.


We ask all participating breweries to donate all or a portion of proceeds to foundations that further the mission of racial justice and equality for people of color. We have made contributions to The Southern Poverty Law Center and Black Lives Matter and will continue to support like-missioned causes. However, our goal is to participate in more direct and lasting ways.


We further pledge $10,000 to found BeyondBeer, a planned not-for-profit fund with the mission of engaging the brewing industry and people of color to work on issues of diversity, inclusivity and equality for the long term.



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PARTICIPATING BREWERIES  (list will be updated from time to time)


Aslin Beer Company

Barrier Brewing CO

Blue Point Brewing Co

Brooklyn Brewery

Cascade Brewing

Cerebral Brewing

Cloudwater Brew Co

Departed Soles Brewing Company

Drake's Brewing Co

DTSJ Brewing

Ebony & Ivory Brewing

Fifth Hammer Brewing

Finback Brewery

Forager Brewery

Green Bench Brewing

Harland Brewing

Hudson Valley Brewery

Humble Sea Brewing Co

Industrial Arts Brewing Company

Interboro Spirits & Ales

J. Wakefield Brewing


Magnify Brewing Co

Mikerphone Brewing

Modist Brewing

Mumford Brewing

Odd Logic Brewing Company

Other Half Brewing

Perennial Artisan Ales

Resident Culture Brewing 

Southern Grist Brewing Co

Strongrope Brewery

The Eighth State Brewing

The Rare Barrel

Track Brewery

Trillium Brewing Company

Tripping Animals Brewing

Vitamin Sea Brewing

Weathered Souls Brewing

Wild East Brewing Co